The intention of this discussion was to help people find solutions to their well being by understanding the workings of the Astral body.

Interesting people from different backgrounds came caving together to co – discover some cool Astral facts 🙂

Plus two of our expert cavers, a doctor (radiologist) and a lady who has experienced astral travelling since 1993 gave us intriguing insider details. Scroll till the end to find out what they said.

Cool Astral Facts :-

  • Root word of Astral is “Astrum” – Latin for Star. Astral means resembling the stars and is composed of super substance similar to stars.
  • According to ancient Indian texts, we have 3 bodies + 5 sheaths.
  1. Physical body – Relates to the material body.
  2. Astral body – Relates to senses
  3. Casual body – Contains blueprint of the gross and subtle body.
  • Astral body has 19 elements :-
  • 5 organs of action (Karma Indriyas)
    The mental correspondence of the ability to procreate, excrete, talk, walk and excercise manual skill.
  • 5 organs of knowledge (Jnana Indriyas). The subtle counterparts of the senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch
  • 5 Pranas – Instruments of life force that are empowered to perform the crystallising, assimilating, eliminating, metabolising and circulating functions of the body.
  • 4 elements of Inner Instruments (Antah Karna)

(i) Mind (Manas)
(ii) Intellect (Buddhi)
(iii) Sub conscious (Chitta)
(iv) Ego (Ahamkara)

This subtle encasement of 19 elements survives the death of the physical body, which is made of 16 gross metallic & non metallic elements.

  • In the West, one of the earliest references to Astral body was by Plato. He mentioned the Astral plane that consists of the Planetary Heavens of Astrology.

Neo – Platonists agreed with Plato on the immortality of the rational soul, but disagreed whether man’s irrational soul was immortal & celestial (“starry” hence astral) or whether it remained on earth and dissolved after death.

  • In medical science, Astral projections are part of the larger umbrella of Out of Body experiences (OBEs), that further comes under Autoscopic phenomenon.

  Autoscopic Phenomenon (AP) 

Consists of two parts : –

~ Out of Body experience (OBE) – During an OBE, the person is awake & sees his physical body & the world from a location outside the physical body.

~ Autoscopy (AS) – A closely related but different experience. Person sees an image of himself in external space, while remaining inside his physical body.

  • The process of body perception & the unconscious creation of central representation of one’s own body is based on various sensory inputs. It’s speculated that ambiguous input from these different sensory systems causes the intriguing experience of seeing one’s body in a position that does not coincide with its felt position.


Our first speaker, a doctor specialising in radiology gave us fascinating tips on how to bio – hack our way to good health by understanding the astral body.

Following are highlights of his talk :-

  • Aura gives an indication of how much cosmic energy is there in our body.

The nadis and chakras are the subtle channels in the astral body through which cosmic rays / energies flow.
Any deficiency in any part of the nadi systems may manifest as disease in physical body.

  • “Brahma Randhra” is a spot at the top of our head. When a child is born, there is a tender spot where the bone does not form till the child grows to a certain age (anterior fontanelle).’Randhra’ is a Sanskrit word that means a passage, like a small tunnel.

It pulls in cosmic energy like the roots of a tree & connects to our Nadis & Chakras. That in turn connects to the Astral body.

  • He told us breathing techniques of how to work with the Sympathetic & Para Sympathetic (Ida & Pingala) channels to enhance the Astral body was explained.
  • He shared his personal experiences photographing aura with Kirlean photography.
  • He gave us a medical understanding of how calcification of the pineal gland suggesting that it’s inactive can be detected in CT scan & steps that can be taken to prevent calcification.

Our next speaker was a lady who has been experiencing Astral travel organically since 1993.

She shared deep insights on her experiences in the Astral realm, inter dimensional visits, meetings with guides & masters. And how she was able to integrate all that for her well being.

She mentioned that :-

  • Astral Body has an intelligence, sensation & awareness of its own. She feels a sensation of wind when moving at high speed astrally & is in full awareness of her experiences.
  • Astral travel happens in semi sleep state, before dream state. It is different from the Yog Nidra state.
  • Intention is very strong in the Astral realm & one is always in control of the experience.
  • One can detect positive & negative energies more easily in the Astral form.
  • Past life regression can help Astral travel & can release trauma & ground & heal.
  • Inter dimensional visit comes from a portal.
  • She shared experiences of how she was astrally summoned to rescue a child from a tiger & also remembered visiting the pyramid.
  • Most importantly she advised never to attempt Astral travel if it’s not happening naturally. And if one is experiencing it, not to freak out. But to go deeper into the experience and use it as a way to heal & integrate those experiences in real life for our well being.

Overall, it was a wonderful evening spent together with like minded people over exciting conversations, tea & treats….with our physical & astral bodies in full caving mode 🙂