Do you WONDER ?

Whether we are living in a matrix of simulated reality?

What life would be like in a parallel universe or at the other end of a black hole?

What was the secret source of inspiration for unconventional, futuristic thinkers like Einstein, Tesla, Jules Verne or Nostradamus?


The need to express your swirling world of crazy possibilities with open minded thinkers without being judged, misunderstood or ridiculed?

The urge to learn from schools of thought spanning ancient philosophy, metaphysics to modern concepts like quantum physics, consciousness hacking, artificial intelligence, technoprogressivism etc?

You can intutively analyse problems using unconventional wisdom and a multi disciplinary approach to come up with out of the box solutions?



If you have been nodding YES so far, then Cave of Plato is your refuge.

CHECK-IN to our cave to CONNECT with free thinkers, innovators, futurists, bohemians, esoterics and unconventional minds globally through REAL TIME MEETUPS and ONLINE ENGAGEMENTS on mind expanding topics.

Inspired by Plato’s thought experiment ‘Allegory of the Cave’, where he explores how our experience of reality is only an illusion of our limited senses, we take you on a journey where you start DECODING YOUR OWN REALITY in todays age of mind boggling transformations and digitally simulated realities.




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Enthralling to have finally made it to such a meetup. Most inspiring and thought provoking. So ready for another. Pat on your back for your initiatives and systematic notes giving direction to the topic.

Attended meetup on –  Matrix Maya Simulation

Sheetal Kumar | Lawyer

Thank you for this initiative. It was wonderful to realise several facets of evolution and devolution from wonderful people from all walks of life. A rich and beautiful potpourri.

Attended meetup on – Theory of Devolution

Lavanya Singh | Executive Coach and Energy Worker.